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US Highway 12 Safety Audit




On Thursday, May 28th, West Hennepin Public Safety Chief (WHPS) Gary Kroells and Sgt. Rick Denneson were asked to participate in a safety audit of Highway 12.

They toured the 33 mile stretch that is being examined for safety upgrades by Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT).  Eight different engineers with different specialties from MNDOT made up the group along with WHPS Chief and Sergeant. Several hours were spent looking at maps, traffic counts and statistics along with actual driving and stopping along the Highway 12 corridor so that the MNDOT representatives could visually see some of the issues that the Highway 12 Safety Coalition, which is chaired by Chief Gary Kroells, have been discussing over the past several months.

In this photo, the group is looking at the intersections of Highway 12, Budd Avenue and Main Street in Maple Plain. Some of the upgrades that have already taken place are the centerline rumble strips starting from County Road 6 in Orono on Highway 12 out to the city of Delano. This stretch of the highway has also recently been restriped with fresh lane markers.